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Tractors Hidden Tires


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About the game Tractors Hidden Tires

Hidden Tires tractors - a puzzle for a real detective

Where are the tractor tires hidden? Has anyone seen them? The situation is special, because you need them on your farm, and some malicious imp scattered them around the area. Don't be led astray and find every single one. Hidden Tires Tractors is a game in which you play the role of a seeker of lost or hidden objects in order to get to the next levels with satisfaction. Remember that time is limited: in the first level it is only 80 seconds for 10 carefully hidden tires, so the bar is set quite high.

What if you don't pass the first level within the allotted time? Well, you have a make-up exam, so do your best! A slight lightening of the screen may be useful, as the elements you are looking for are rather small and do not necessarily contrast with the environment (as is the case with a game of hide and seek). Tractors Hidden Tires belongs to the series of hidden objects and basically does not deviate from this pleasant scheme - a bit of adrenaline in a limited time, increasing difficulty level and new pictures.

Games of this type are an interesting proposition, for example, for children. Thanks to a varied background, they learn to recognize and find shapes, it can also be a good perceptiveness training. Or maybe you will organize a competition? Will you let your kids beat you in this type of game? Look for tires on the tractor, around the tractor, under the tractor, and even on "real" tractor tires. Good luck!

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