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About the game Zoo Pong

Zoo Pong - ping-pong with animals

Wondering if animals can play ping-pong? What a question, rocket operation is a piece of cake for them! Take part in a great game of table tennis, competing as a hippie with a raccoon (or maybe in some other version?) In a completely friendly setting. The stands are filled with enthusiastic pets waiting for you to start having delicious fun! Zoo Pong is a proposition for those who love quite simple, arcade reflex games, which in addition contain elements of healthy, friendly competition.

Spend some time training to become a true master of ping-pong racket. Become the invincible, best player if that's what you want. And most of all - have a great time and achieve your goals. And maybe even collect the coins that you get during the winning game. Zoo Pong is designed in such a way that you, as a player, do not get discouraged after your first minor defeat. Not only do you have several hearts representing the possibility of "hacking" at your disposal during each match, you can watch a replay after the match and learn about the good and bad decisions you made during the course of the game. This is a very good learning opportunity!

Zoo Pong can be played both on a computer browser and on your mobile device. Choose a tablet or smartphone with a large screen to make fun and comfortable. Become a real table tennis champion!

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