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My Dolphin Show 9


About the game My Dolphin Show 9

My Dolphin Show 9 - maximum stars fun

They say dolphins are one of the smarter animals, did you know that? Hence the sports competition with the participation of these creatures, which - properly trained - become great acrobats. My Dolphin Show 9 is a game from the animal category, which is another part of the adventure of playing with dolphin acrobats. You might expect to play the role of a trainer (or rather: a trainer!) Here, but nothing could be further from the truth. You play as a cute dolphin! Feel the pressure of an individual performance on your own skin and delight the audience with your amazing abilities. Perhaps on the water stage you will feel like a fish in the water? (although dolphins are, of course, aquatic mammals).

My Dophin Show 9 is controlled by the arrows. You move a small dolphin around the space of a special pool intended for this purpose and overcome various obstacles that someone (probably a trainer) places on your way. Jumping through hoops, collecting underwater goldfish or smashing wooden crates by hitting them with force - it's a piece of cake for you!

Thanks to successful performances, you collect gold coins, which then, between successive editions of the competition, can be exchanged for interesting outfits. Maybe you will be more beautiful in pink? Also remember that all performances are judged by the jury with stars. Make sure that each entry into the arena gets the maximum number!

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