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Kids Cute Pairs


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About the game Kids Cute Pairs

The Kids: Cute Pairs puzzle game is great fun for children that trains their perceptiveness. Match 2 cards to a pair. Puzzle games are great fun also for the youngest! Kids: Cute Pairs is a well-made production whose goal is to exercise perceptiveness and memory. By revealing two cards consecutively, you must match them in pairs to score a point. The game ends when all cards are gone from the table.

The coolest thing is that it's also a 2-player game - the game alternates between turns as usual, but the player with more card pairs wins. This introduces a bit of competition and allows you to play with your parents, because on higher difficulty levels even adults can have problems! The audio-visual setting of the Kids: Cute Pairs puzzle game is refined in every detail - pleasing to the eye and ear, charming, delicate and colorful. This game is just Relaxing at the computer. We recommend!

Kids: Cute Pairs puzzle game features:

- Game for children without violence

- It trains observation and memory

- Three difficulty levels to choose from

- Game for 1 or 2 people on one computer

- Calm, relaxing audio-visual setting

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