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Dogs - faithful companions of the best games

Admirers of four-legged friends usually fall into the two most popular categories - dog lovers or cat lovers. The latter love morning walks, looking for sticks in the mud and joyful escapades or just spending time in the company of shaggy, life-satisfied pets. What are some interesting online games in which dogs appear?

The first suggestion is Dogod.io, a classic game of grabbing territory and becoming its ruler. In this case, you play the role of a dog who is holding ... a weapon in his hand (or rather - a paw). As you grow stronger, by eating the treats in front of you and getting rid of your enemies, this weapon changes - it can be a club, a dagger or a spiked mace. They are used to defend or attack you, so remember that just as you can defeat someone, they can disarm you. Watch out for yourself, avoid the blows and the bigger dogs!

A slightly more cheerful game that will also work for the youngest is Sausage Dog, which is simply a Dachshund. Use the arrows to control the cartoon character, moving through the platform reality. You have to collect the delicious things scattered in front of you - sausages or cookies, which the dog loves. You come across various friends, but you have to bribe them in order to make your way - for this purpose, also collect other interesting gadgets, such as a radio or glasses. Watch out for your opponents, because they are the ones who can spoil your blood!

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