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3 Pandas


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About the game 3 Pandas

3 Pandas - the adventures of panda escapees

Pandas are beautiful and interesting creatures, and for this reason, unfortunately, they often become the objects of the nefarious aspirations of various scoundrels. Yes, and it happened this time - three pandas were kidnapped and trapped in a cage! Your task is to help save them, and you can only do this by using your skills and logical combining abilities. 3 Pandas is an exciting gameplay where cooperation and having fun are all important. Plan how to leave the terrifying cage, get through a series of obstacles and escape the room.

The game 3 Pandas is fun for both adults and children. There are no time pressures or complicated competitive aspects, only the panda family should be taken care of (are they parents and baby? Or maybe just friends?). Think of what to do, what to move, what to start and how to reposition to finally reach your desired destination. You may encounter many difficulties along the way, so be patient!

The mechanism of the game in 3 Pandas is based on moving with the cursor and the buttons of the mouse. Easy: If you get lost and have no idea what to do next, just follow the arrows and other directions that you can easily find on the screen. The game will work both on a computer and in the browser of, for example, your tablet. Play it on a rainy afternoon or by standing in line and also riding the tram. Make friends with pandas!

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