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Cavemen - memories from a bygone era

Do you have some nice browser gameplay in your mind, but you are looking for a break from reality and therefore do not feel like a modern atmosphere, let alone science fiction? Cavemen is a section where you can find the primal pleasure of pure fun. Surely these ancient characters would have played them if they could! Find a moment for fun, then start the service from your computer, tablet or smartphone and choose something pleasant for yourself. These are undemanding proposals in which you will find all the rules in no time. We're starting the fun!

Age of War is a kind of classic in the tower defense genre. Imagine that your fortress is under siege, so you have to do everything you can to defend it - to this end, you arm your brigade with the necessary equipment, getting ready to receive the enemy. This one can come at any moment! From a convenient position between the stones, send your brave warriors - your Cavemen are equipped with makeshift tools for self-defense, such as a primitive slingshot or a club. Over time, gain access to better and better means of protection and use firearms or send ... a dinosaur into battle. Successful defense!

The series about Adam and Eve probably does not need to be introduced to anyone. These legendary first people are the heroes of extremely enjoyable games. These are typical platformers, in which there is a strictly defined goal (usually it is just finding a way to pair the title characters) and a relatively simple way to get there (moving around the designated fields or solving puzzles).

However, this does not mean that there are no adventures - for example, in Adam and Eve Cut The Ropes, there is a theme of ropes that must be skillfully cut, triggering certain actions. Here you will open the way to the passage of the board, and there, in turn, you will be bitten by a snake - so you need to be fully cautious and careful. For each level you get a score in the form of apples and points. Let your Cavemen do their best!

aplikacja mobilna