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Block Champ


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About the game Block Champ

Block Champ is an interesting, new variation of the traditional and well-known Tetris. Your task is the best possible logistics for the placement of elements in such a way as to create uninterrupted lines across the width of the field. The pieces appear in the side panel and you can analyze and choose which one will best fit your puzzle at the moment.

Block Champ can be a relaxing pastime for long hours - the fun only ends when you arrange the elements so badly that you lack space to fit any of the proposed parts. Well, but you probably won't get there? Click, move and plan, think ahead and don't get blocked.

Use the elements marked with lightning to destroy an entire column of stacked bricks. It is an extremely pleasant, strangely satisfying form of destructive activity. Challenge your friends to a duel in Block Champ and see who can do better. Don't get upset!

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