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Super Stickman Fight


About the game Super Stickman Fight

Super Stickman Fight - a fighting game for connoisseurs

Are you a fan of Mortal Combat? Or some other fights? Also be sure to check out Super Stickman Fight if you don't know it yet. It's great fun with a pinch of salt, in which the heroes are not quite coordinated skinny types. So what is fun? That their uncoordinated bodies you have to try to coordinate somehow. Jump, slide, kick and hit your opponent and you will succeed.

There are two lines in the top panel, which are initially green. You're guessing right - one is yours and the other is your rival's, and it's your job to make sure his green turns completely red before he does the same to yours. Is it all clear now? Except perhaps for information on how it can actually be done - so listen carefully. All you have to do is use your mouse/touchpad/touchscreen, depending on what device you're using, and bump your Stickman up at the right times. Take the upper hand over your opponent - literally and figuratively - and bring him to the ground in the same way. Test special stunts by achieving higher and higher scores. That's what it's all about!

Super Stickman Fight has as many as 15 classic levels, with new challenges appearing in each level. You've got to make sure you get along with your own character, otherwise you might get a little hit... New rivals in completely new terrain require a special approach. You have to watch out for newer and newer threats, such as gears that want to deprive you of ears or limbs, lava spreading around small islands, or swords that for some reason your opponents get and you don't. These changes are extremely exciting and do not let you get bored.

Check out what special bonuses await you as you play, then treat yourself to surprise after surprise. It's very satisfying! How long will it take you to complete all the available levels? Will you know all the tricks you can use against your opponents?

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