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Online browser stickman games allow you to take control of a character made of sticks. The life of this man is not easy - he has to face many opposites, solve puzzles and fight opponents, who are usually also made of sticks.

Usually stickman games are simple, two-dimensional, computer arcade games in which the player fights against opponents. In Stickman Fighter, our stickman repels waves of enemies by using boxing or karate blows on them, sometimes - as a bonus - being able to use a weapon, e.g. a samurai sword. The title Stickman Archer changes the rules of the skirmish a bit - in this game, stickman shoots enemies with a bow. Stickman Fihter and Archer games are series - if you like a given title, you will surely find its continuation, which uses the same rules, introducing minor improvements, new boards, etc.

An interesting position among the stickman games most often launched by players at OnlyGames.io is Stickman Fighting 2 Player. As you can deduce from the name, this arcade game is a two-person variation, and each player uses his buttons on the same keyboard - the first player controls his character with the arrows, the second - controls the stick by pressing the WSAD keys. This title is integrated with the Unity engine, thanks to which the graphics and game mechanics are at the highest level.

Browser stickman games always keep you entertained for a long time. Very simple control (with arrows, mouse or - on a mobile device - touch screen), dynamic gameplay and very clear rules are the basic features of these simple games.

aplikacja mobilna