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Do you like horror movies, thrillers or an atmosphere straight from Halloween parties? So there is no doubt - you will like the scary games. But you know what? In fact, in this section you can find entertainment only slightly colored with references to scary topics, so even if you stay away from chilling topics, you may like some of the proposals. So if you have a boring, free afternoon ahead, this might be the perfect time to review them.

Halloween Craft is a game that is definitely scary… addictive! It belongs to the Match-3 category, but it's not a classic of the genre. Your task is to add atmospheric elements to a rectangular board divided into windows. Lollipop, wizard's tiara, kittens and other strange creatures and items are supposed to lead you to a gift that means winning. Sounds enigmatic? It is not so at all - it is enough to gather at least three identical elements in the environment, and they evolve into a more perfect form, according to the instructions. It won't be scary at all!

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride and a solid dose of exciting horror, as Mr Dracula is a game that can already be described as a bit more sinister. You play the role of the title vampire and, equipped with a weapon, you eliminate all enemies that appear in front of you. You need to aim well to hit the target and clearing the area will take you to the next level - and so on. Try to earn three stars for each round!

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