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About the game Hunter Training

Hunter Training - Become a professional shooter

Hunter Training is a game that - to put it simply - is designed to prepare you for the more serious challenges related to the hunting profession. Test yourself in the on-screen version that doesn't require any special preparation (or real inventory) to see if it's something for you. Perhaps this version will be enough for you - you will discover how pleasant it is, and at the same time it does not break anyone's ethical rules, does not cause real pain and does not cost you so much stress.

Hunter Training game was created in 3D technology, on the Unity engine, thanks to which it is beautifully refined and even more pleasant to read. The precise details of the graphics allow you to feel the atmosphere, as do realistic drawings and well-matched sounds. If you prefer to play in silence, there is nothing to prevent you from ignoring this detail: turn off the music that accompanies players during the game by clicking on the drawing with a note.

Unlike many shooters, in Hunter Training the most important thing is training, i.e. effort, process and progress. Play and gain new experiences that will surely pay off. The training mode can be carried out in a crew of two, facing the challenge and competing with each other at the same time. If you also like a bit of adrenaline, this is probably something you'll really enjoy in this game. So go to the sports shooting range and act: when you have mastered the grasp of the shotgun, why not go out into the field?

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