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TrollFace Quest: Horror 3


About the game TrollFace Quest: Horror 3

TrollFace Quest Horror 3 is a terrible continuation of a series of games that has its origins in other arrangements. The perfect fit for Halloween will make your spine shiver and your teeth will knock against each other! If courage is your middle name and smartness is your third name, this version is sure to be the perfect match for your browser games. Take a look at the scenery, characters, and situation they're in, then choose wisely. Because you only have one chance to resolve the situation!

The satirical color of the game means that, despite the fear, you will be able to smile every now and then and even roar with laughter. Unusual situations are standard here, but for you it must be daily bread, because you are tirelessly looking for strong impressions. TrollFace Quest Horror 3 uses point-and-click gameplay, so you don't have to bother learning about complex mechanics. Just sit back, get yourself something to drink and solve the scary and so far unsolved mysteries!

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