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Love Pins


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About the game Love Pins

Love Pins - will you help love today?

"Nothing, really nothing will help ..." if you do not remove the obstacles on the path of a couple in love! You can easily do it, because Love Pins doesn't require any particularly difficult actions - you click here and there and that's it. Take a look at the situation and remove the elements that do not allow the couple to meet. Watch out for traps like dynamite or characters that shouldn't come in contact with positive heroes.

Love Pins is a puzzle in which you have to complete a series of actions in the correct order. Otherwise, she or he may die, be bitten by the dog, or blown up by dynamite. In the first levels, it's hard to make a mistake, but over time the game gets really complicated and can be confusing at some stage. Then just use the hints provided by the authors. Thanks to its layout, Love Pins is suitable both for playing on a computer and on a mobile device - for example, your tablet or smartphone.


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aplikacja mobilna