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Love Balls


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About the game Love Balls

Love Balls - help the balls connect

Looking for a way to pass the time on a rainy afternoon? Or maybe you want to offer bored children a pleasant and developing entertainment? Love Balls is a puzzle game where you will find a lot of satisfaction. It's not just a guessing game, a hidden object search or anything like that - it's an interactive, intriguing game for big and small alike. You won't get bored of it anytime soon! What are you getting into?

In front of you is a white sheet with two lost balls - pink and blue. Your goal is to make them as close to each other as possible. This may be a bit puzzling at first - how to do it? In addition, the tool at your disposal is just ... a simple black pen. Well, it turns out that this pen has an extraordinary causative power, like a magic pencil - the lines you draw automatically change into elements of the scenery that affect the balls. So you can draw a mountain that one of them will roll down to join the other, or you can pry the side of the ball with something like a stick to make it move. All fair in Love Balls!

In addition to the fact that the game is great fun, it also helps to develop the brain. This is a great option to practice understanding the mechanism of movement and the basic laws of physics. If you pry the ball from the wrong side - it will not have a chance to get to its beloved. The same will happen if the slope you have drawn for the ball does not have the right angle of inclination or if you block/obstruct its path in some way. It may turn out that you will find yourself in a dead end situation, but Love Balls is a completely stress-free game - then you just go back to the blank slate, i.e. to the starting point.

There are many levels ahead of you with constantly increasing difficulty - there are as many as 99 of them, so it's an occupation for a long time. Over time, balancers, nets, hurdles, obstacles and the like will appear. It will be very interesting, no doubt!

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