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Drawing - an artistic and technical challenge

Do you like drawing? It is quite a pleasant activity, not necessarily very artistic, but relaxing and soothing for many people. How does online drawing fun look like? Of course, you can choose to play with a simple stylus and a virtual piece of paper, but simple browser games also offer something much more fun - the ability to draw elements that you make! Do you want to play the hero from "The Enchanted Pencil" or Karolcia (the second part, after the story of the magic bead)? This is something for you!

Drawing games are simple and nice, they are not based on the stressful passage of time, and their mechanisms can be handled by everyone - even children. This is a nice idea to learn physics in practice and a very nice edition. For example, in Draw Climber, you have to draw legs to an ankle that climbs platforms. Do it in such a way that the legs allow it to move quickly and efficiently, but at the same time do not hinder squeezing between the tiles. Reach the finish line on the checkered field with as many points as possible, collected along the way.

Starring drawing games usually start - like many browser games - with a very simple level so that you can familiarize yourself with the mechanics of how they work. Over time, the gameplay becomes more and more complicated and presents you with various interesting challenges. Test on a computer, smartphone or tablet screen, alone or in a larger group. You'll see how much fun it is!



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