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Bunny Quest


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About the game Bunny Quest

Bunny Quest puzzle game is an excellent puzzle that will strain every gray cell in your head. The player's task here is to lead the cute bunny to the end of the finish line, which is not always as easy as it seems. By the way, it's worth collecting all the carrots for a higher score! Nom, nom, nom!

About the game Bunny Quest

The Buny Quest puzzle game is both fantastic fun and mind training. Together with the main character, in the form of a cute bunny, follow the paths and collect juicy carrots. Intellectual gymnastics is available as an online browser game absolutely free on Game Planet!

Bunny Quest game rules

Train gray cells and help the bunny reach the finish line. The free online game Bunny Quest is great entertainment and a test of logical thinking. The main task of the player is to move the blocks on the board to make a path leading our rodent to the exit. Each subsequent level is a more and more difficult task, and an additional obstacle are stone blocks that cannot be moved.

To score the maximum number of points, plan the route in such a way that all the carrots are on it and watch the rabbit munch on them with appetite while hopping. If you get stuck, don't worry, Bunny Quest has hints to help you solve the puzzle. Fairy-tale, colorful graphics and a pleasant melody in the background ensure great moments of relaxation, and increasingly difficult challenges draw you into great fun. Play Bunny Quest now and see how many roads you will travel together with the shaggy rabbit!

Features of Bunny Quest

  • Puzzle game based on arranging elements;
  • Satisfying, addictive gameplay;
  • Lots of levels to overcome and more and more difficult challenges;
  • Fabulous, colorful graphics;
  • Pleasant mind training for everyone.
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