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2048 X2 Merge Blocks


About the game 2048 X2 Merge Blocks

2048 × 2 Merge Blocks - a combination of online classics

You know one of the most classic games in the world, Tetris? Do you know the almost equally popular numerical puzzle, i.e. the game under the enigmatic name of 2048? That's great, even if you think that in the long run both can be quite boring or at least slightly tedious. The 2048 × 2 Merge Blocks game is a whole new dimension of fun in which you will discover a solid portion of fun. Try to Solve the title score 2048, and then ... Solve the same number again! Sounds simple? It will surely take you some time!

Just like in classic Tetris, colorful blocks fall from above, and it's up to you to decide where they will end up. Here you also have a preview of what will appear at the top next. Thanks to this, you can better plan your moves, develop a number placement strategy and achieve even better results. However, unlike the classic computer game, in 2048 × 2 Merge Blocks all blocks have a predictable, because they are identically square shape.

Moving on to the themes from the game 2048, you should certainly take into account the already mentioned goal of fun. When this is clear, the course of the game itself also becomes important. Imagine that a tile with the number 8 falls down and you place it at the bottom of the structure. Then another 8 falls, and when they come together, you get 16. It's a clever way to revisit exponentiation or binary - you can quickly revisit how it works there.

While reaching the mythical number is the goal here, the gameplay itself is also valuable and valuable. You are accompanied by energizing electronic music that stimulates thinking and encourages you to fight for the best results. Control the tiles with the mouse or touchpad - just click where the next one should land. It's easy! However, don't hesitate too long - it's best to make sure that the fields are filled with the shortest possible columns. Remember that a line filled to the top means game over!

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