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About the game Scary Maze

If you have an afternoon or evening to spare and a knack for arcade games, test your strength in Haunted Maze, which is the classic variation of the paper-based puzzle game, but with added challenges. Act under the pressure of time and be careful, because every little mistake you make will be punished, even if you don't know when. Also, don't forget to turn on the sound, which is crucial for the best gaming experience, which will help you immerse yourself even more in the world of this graphically simple online game.

Your task is to guide the square-shaped cursor through the maze. Sounds simple, but there's a little catch to all of this: you can't touch the walls of the corridors, otherwise you'll have to start all over again! Each next level is more and more difficult and requires more concentration from you, as well as mastering hand movements. Thanks to this, you will train eye-hand coordination, and also improve accuracy in using a computer mouse.

Do you think you work well under pressure? Put your reflexes to the test in the Scary Maze, where the slightest hand tremor can ruin all your efforts to complete the next four levels. No excuses here: a mistake is costly because no matter how far you've gotten, one careless move will send you back to the very beginning of the game. It is also an excellent character training that will show you how quickly you give up in the face of possible failures.

Very minimalist graphics and no extensive menu makes the game extremely easy to use. In addition, you are not distracted by additional animations, pictures, sounds or subtitles. The friendly selection of colors in the form of black and turquoise is broken by red elements, marking the desired finish line. The scary maze also doesn't require any knowledge of English as the interface is very intuitive. Just press the play button to test your precision and hand stability.

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