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About the game Santa Run

Ho, ho, ho! Santa Run arcade game is a Christmas Rynner where you have to help Santa to deliver the presents! Running on the roofs of snow-covered houses, jump over the chimneys of well-behaved children and don't fall! The farther the better. Save the holidays and have fun!

Santa Claus always has a lot of work to do. Moreover, his work is dangerous. Imagine running over rooftops, climbing through chimneys... You don't have to imagine it anyway. Turn on Santa Run and you'll see for yourself how hard it is to deliver gifts. And by the way... you'll have a great time!

Santa Run rules

Santa Run is a representative of the popular genre of the so-called. endless runners. These are games in which we take control of a designated character (in this case it is the aforementioned Santa Claus), and then try to run as far as possible, avoiding all kinds of obstacles. In this case, we must be careful not to fall while jumping over the roofs of successive buildings, but also not to run into an icicle that fell from the sky or a protruding chimney.

Santa of Santa Run is in such a rush that he doesn't have time to get into the apartments. He distributes gifts at an express pace, throwing them only through the chimney and running on. Fortunately, the player does not have to do this (there would be a risk of breaking his fingers) - just keep pressing the left mouse button when you have to jump over an obstacle or from roof to roof. Timing isn't the only thing that matters. It also matters how long we hold the button (the longer, the farther the jump will be).

The fun in Santa Run is accompanied by pleasant music that will put you in the festive mood, regardless of what time of the year you play. The colorful, cartoon setting also plays its part.

Santa Run game features:

  • endless runner in which you have to run as far as possible Santa,
  • watch out for obstacles - falling icicles or protruding chimneys,
  • simple control (left mouse button only),
  • game available for free,
  • game available from a web browser.
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