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Santa Claus - ho, ho, ho!

Everyone knows what the profession of a nice fat man with a long, white beard, in a characteristic red clothes is. This is, of course, Santa Claus, the gentleman who gives gifts to polite children and the rods of those less obedient, around Christmas. He often appears in pop culture, is the protagonist of numerous stories, children's books, fairy tales, and film arrangements, both in animated and acting versions. You can also meet him, of course, in various types of games and electronic games.

The character of Santa Claus can be found, for example, in a fairy-tale winter version of Mahjong puzzles, which set the Christmas mood through graphic allusions to this pleasant occasion. Christmas trees, gifts, red-nosed reindeer, sleighs and snowflakes - a pure pleasure for fans of this season. You can also find holiday versions of other popular classic games, such as ball smashing.

Games with Santa Claus are also delicious fun in various categories. Choose an arcade reflex game with a festive twist - Ski Xmas. Do you want to see how quickly Santa can accelerate while skiing, collecting a lot of gifts for impatient kids along the way? Control it and make evolutions using a simple mechanism of clicking on the screen - with each touch, Santa jumps up, and when you hold him down, he performs a spectacular swing in the air. Be careful, avoid the obstacles and don't let Santa Claus crash during the winter madness. Because who will take care of the gifts then?

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