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Jump With Justin


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About the game Jump With Justin

Jump With Justin is a dream game - Beavers can fly too! And no one will stop them! Help Justin make his dreams come true - launch yourself with the SPACEBAR and steer left/right collecting all the collectibles to get even higher and higher and break the record! The higher you fly, the better your score. Good luck.

Beavers are such nice creatures. However, if you thought that all of them spend their time in the water building lodges, you were wrong. It turns out that some of them dream of... flying. In Jump With Justin, help Justin make this dream come true, and he's just waiting for you to launch him into the air and help him fly as high as possible.

Rules of the game Jump With Justin

Jump With Justin is a game that is extremely easy to use, and at the same time incredibly addictive. To start, press the spacebar - this way we help the titular Justin launch himself into the air. Later, our task is to steer this amusing beaver in such a way as to avoid obstacles and obstacles (such as sharpened poles or weights that make our hero fall faster), bounce off everything possible (for example, springs), and collect as many coins as possible.

Each time we try to achieve the best result - first of all, fly as high as possible (the height achieved is given at the end, in meters), but also get rich as much as possible.

There is more to collecting coins than you might think. This is because Jump With Justin has a shop where we can buy gadgets that will help us achieve an even better score. It can be, for example, a magnet that will attract coins, or a balloon that will help us rise even higher. However, you can fly really high without these items, because all of them are also randomly placed in different places on our flight path (so you don't need to buy them).

Game Features Jump With Justin

  • an arcade game in which you try to fly as long as possible,
  • you have to watch out for all kinds of obstacles,
  • a few gadgets that you can use to help yourself,
  • game available for free,
  • game available from a web browser.
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