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Puzzle game Jewel Duel is not your typical "Match 3" variety, but a unique combination of this type of gameplay with a Fantasy game! By combining the elements on the board, he leads
If you think match-3 games are just candy-sweet and crystal-cut productions for little girls, then you haven't had a chance to play Jewel Duel yet. This original title is kept in a fantasy atmosphere and has RPG elements. The goal of the game is to defeat the enemy, and every move affects the course of the fight. Choose from three character classes and fight in the free-to-play game Jewel Duel.

From the very beginning, Jewel Duel stands out from other titles of this type. The main menu is filled with dark, atmospheric music, and the beginning of the game is preceded by the choice of a character from three classes: warrior, assassin or mage. Each of them has different special abilities and wields a different type of weapon. Equipment and skills can be upgraded over time using gold gained during battles.

The first levels of Jewel Duel are a short tutorial that makes it quick and easy to learn the most important rules and basic game mechanics. The player's task is to match three of the same elements in vertical or horizontal rows. The choice of sliding symbols is not indifferent to the course of the battle, because it depends on them what action our hero will perform. For example, after combining three shields, the character's defense is strengthened, while in the case of three swords - the character will attack the enemy.

The gameplay screen in Jewel Duel is divided into two parts: the lower one, where the symbols for connecting are scattered, and the upper one, where we see our character, opponent and all their statistics. Start your adventure today, explore the map in search of monsters and become the hero of all time in the browser game Jewel Duel, available for free.

Features Jewel Duel

- The original variation of the match-3 game;

- The ability to choose and develop the character;

- Fantasy-style gameplay;

- Many enemies to defeat and increasing difficulty;

- An interesting combination of a puzzle game with a combat mechanism.

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