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About the game Dots Mania

The puzzle game Dots Mania is a more complicated variant of "Match 3". The number of moves here is limited, and all the fun is controlled by the pre-selected mode - from 60 seconds to a limited number of moves. However, once you understand the rules, it's really fun. You have to remove the dots touching the colors as much as possible for the highest points.

Who would have thought that to have a great time and have fun after a hard day at work or school, all you need is... dots?! Dots Mania - the title of this game is not accidental, because you can really go crazy about it and spend many hours with it. But what is it all about anyway?

Rules of the game Dots Mania

The whole idea of Dots Mania is related to connecting different colored dots. To connect them, just click and drag the cursor. Once we do that, the selected dots disappear and new ones fall from the top of the screen in their place, thus giving us new possibilities. The more connections we can find, the more points we earn. Simple? Simple. And how addictive!

Dots Mania includes as many as three game modes. In the first we have a certain number of moves and by doing them we have to connect as many dots as possible. No one rushes us - we can think as long as we need. In the second mode, we are already facing time. We have to connect as many dots as we can within the time limit. In turn, the third option allows for endless fun without any restrictions. This mode is designed for people who just want to relax, exerting a little (but not exaggerating) gray cells.

When we manage to collect enough points in Dots Mania, we can buy one of four special moves: add moves, add time, remove a dot or remove all dots of a certain color. Especially the last two increase our room for maneuver.

Features of Dots Mania:

  • connect different colored dots and score points,
  • three game modes: moves, time and infinite,
  • the ability to buy special moves for earned points,
  • game available for free,
  • game available from a web browser.
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