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About the game SuperHero.io

Probably everyone knows at least one superhero, be it from movies, comics or computer games. How often do you have the opportunity to become one of them? How often can you be many? Superhero.io comes to the rescue!

Drive more than one, not two, but tons of superheroes! You start on level one with a relatively short range of weapons, but each colored lozenge eaten increases your inner power, which allows you to grow in strength and evolve into new characters!

Superhero.io is designed for multiple players playing simultaneously. The basic rule is: hit your opponent before they hit you! You will be satisfied with each 'first blood', 'double kill' and subsequent sounds rewarding each hit.

The one life you have in SuperHero.io makes the competition very exciting, because it doesn't matter if you are level 1, 2 or 9, even a novice player can beat you by accident! Wait no more, show who has the most superpowers and become the best superhero in the arena!

In SuperHero.io you can play with characters such as

  • Spiderman,
  • Batman,
  • Captain America,
  • Ironman,
  • Thor,
  • Venom and many more
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