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Superheroes - it is you that humanity needs!

Not all of them wear a cape, but all of them need them. If you like fantastic comics, movies or games, superheroes like those from the Marvel universe are no strangers to you. We like to dream of becoming one of them, but in the real world it is quite difficult, because the chance of meeting a radioactive spider or receiving an unimaginable fortune in inheritance is very small. That is why we rush to the possibility of fulfilling your fantasies of being a character with supernatural powers.

Superheroes appear, for example, in Super Hero League Online, a simple game built on a vertical interface, ideal for smartphones or tablets. Choose the character you play as and start the game from the first level - there are several or even a dozen or so levels. Use your deadly laser weapon to incapacitate the villain in front of you. There will be more of them in a moment, and you must learn how to use the equipment efficiently! Stay clear and fulfill your mission to protect the world from dark powers.

One of the all-time favorite superheroes is, of course, Spider-Man, the Spider Man. In Spidey Swing you have to help him get between complex platforms using a special winch (made of a spider's web, of course). Your goal is to get behind the yellow line, and on the way you have to make sure not to damage your character - otherwise blood will spill. Beat all levels with your forehead held high.

aplikacja mobilna