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About the game KnifeBlades.io

They start the game at KnifeBlades.io, grab your knives quickly and go into battle to defeat your opponents. Thanks to the dynamic online multiplayer gameplay, the competition never ends in this game and always offers a unique experience.

Can you collect enough coins to upgrade your character and become stronger? Do you feel up to the challenge of other players? Better be careful as the sharp point of their knives is aimed at you! The goal of KnifeBlades.io is to win every duel by defeating all the other players and being the last one left in the game.

You can buy new knives for the coins you earn as you progress in KnifeBlades.io. Combining two of the same knives will create a new and improved one. So think carefully about how best to upgrade your knife. You can earn coins in many ways. The most effective way is to play this game and win it. You can also complete various missions to collect coins as rewards.

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aplikacja mobilna