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About the game ev.io

Ev.io - an exciting shooter with players from around the world

If you're one of those people who gets the most excitement out of computer games when it comes to those with the most extensive negative interaction with other players, where you can sneak and shoot, plot and show reflexes - you're in the right place. The game with the inconspicuous title Ev.io is an idea for exciting fun in a refined scenery. You play the role of a leading shooter, and then travel through mysterious spaces with weapons in hand. Remember that you are on your own!

This futuristic shooter is an opportunity for great adventures. If you have a company to play with, you can arrange to play together, but if you play alone - you can launch a public ranked game in which you will face opponents from anywhere in the world. Seasoned gamers will see the game as inspired by Bungee-style games like Halo and Destiny. Remember that you play not only for your own satisfaction and direct score - you can later exchange coins for exciting extras, new weapons or interesting skins for the game.

The ev.io game has classic FPS (First Person Shooter) mechanics. However, this is not a trivial game of walking, targeting or defeating opponents, although of course this is the main goal. However, the player can spend the points collected during the game on additional abilities, such as teleportation, fast run, double jump and others. Thanks to this, the fun becomes really diversified.

How to play? Move your character with the classic WASD keys, and shoot with the mouse button or touchpad. Remember to set the direction of the shot well before you do it! And that the more opponents you defeat, the higher your ranking will be. Various game modes are available - including deathmatch and team version. You will also unlock various additional options in the future if you manage to achieve satisfactory results. Well, fight!

Features of the ev.io game

• Gameplay and aesthetics heavily inspired by the 'bungee shooters' Halo and Destiny, with futuristic environments, weapons and abilities.

• FPS mechanics that go beyond simple point and shoot mechanics. The player can spend points on various abilities that allow him to teleport, double jump, sprint faster, etc. Most abilities focus on movement. This is what sets ev.io go apart from other FPS games.

• Breakthrough browser graphics that strike the right balance of form and function. Graphics that scale with your hardware: Plays on old PCs as well as on the newest machines.

• Multiple Game Modes: Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch to launch with Elimination coming soon after, and many more to come.

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