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About this game

ev.io is a futuristic Halo style first person shooter in the browser. Play private games with your friends or play public ranked games. Earn in-game currency based on your performance to buy skins and other add-ons.

Features of the game ev.io

• Gameplay and aesthetics heavily inspired by "Bungee shooters" of Halo and Destiny, with futuristic environments, weapons and skills.

• FPS mechanics that go beyond simple point and shoot mechanics. A player can spend points on various abilities that allow him to teleport, double jump, sprint faster, etc. Most of the skills are focused on movement. This sets ev.io go apart from other FPS games.

• Breakthrough browser graphics that provide the right balance of form and function. Graphics that scale with hardware: plays both on old computers and on newer machines.

• Multiple game modes: a team deathmatch and team deathmatch kick-off with an elimination mode coming soon after, and many more to come.

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aplikacja mobilna