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About the game DRAWar.io

Unleash your artistic talent and solve sketch-based puzzles together with other players in the new drawing and guessing game Drawar.io! Draw the words suggested by the app or guess what someone else is drawing, enter your answer and check that it is correct. Talk to the rest of the users to try to solve the mystery.

The game has a convenient, intuitive interface and a variety of drawing tools - you can use any of them in any way you want to convey your artistic interpretation. Have fun playing Drawar.io!

Join a lobby where one of the DRAWar.io players is randomly typed by artificial intelligence to draw a sketch. If selected, you'll have a few words to choose from - let's say "sock", "chocolate cake", and "car". you were supposed to select this object and now draw the spelling of the word.

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aplikacja mobilna