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Angry Worms


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About the game Angry Worms

Angry Worms online: Defeat your rivals and become the king of worms!

Play Angry Worms online now and immerse yourself in the world of angry worms fighting for survival. The free online game Angry Worms is a perfect proposition for anyone looking for challenges and dynamic gameplay. Control your worm, eat others and become the king of the swarm! Angry Worms online is a new IO game from RedEye Production that offers tons of features and challenges. Take on the role of an angry worm and move around the board, eating smaller worms to grow bigger and stronger. Beware of larger rivals who may devour you!

Why choose Angry Worms free online game?

  • Dynamic Gameplay: Battle other worms in fast-paced and addictive gameplay
  • Simple Mechanics: Easy-to-learn rules make Angry Worms perfect for players of all ages
  • lots of challenges: Develop your skills and overcome increasingly difficult levels
  • beautiful graphics: Enjoy colorful graphics and refined details that will make your game more enjoyable
  • free game: play for free without any hidden fees

Play Angry Worms online for free now and feel the adrenaline of this exciting game. Defeat your rivals, eat them all and become the king of the hive! Angry Worms online is not just a game, it is a way to test your reflexes and strategic skills. Play Angry Worms online now and feel the taste of victory!

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aplikacja mobilna