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About the game Amogus.io

Amogus.io - dangerously addictive entertainment

Do you know Among Us? This is the game where you search for the Impostor while chasing around in a funny jumpsuit. Amogus.io is a combination of the theme from the same title with an interesting, extremely addictive mechanism of multiplayer games. Contestants from all over the world meet in a huge arena, and then each of them starts from the same ceiling - a small speck that has the potential to become a huge empire. Give your hero a name and watch him climb the ladder of success.

Multicolored characters have one goal - to seize as much space as possible on the designated area of the board, while trying to deprive many other players of this opportunity. So how to do it? The control mechanism is extremely simple - just move the mouse or touchpad in such a way as to outline increasingly wider fields. There are a few rules to keep in mind: other players are absolute enemies to you, and their job is not only to do the same, but also to make your life difficult. When you take someone else's territory, it's a signal for them to start defending themselves. Intersecting a line drawn by someone else causes them to be defeated and automatically out of the game. Be careful, it can happen to anyone!

In the panel located in the upper right corner, there is a ranking of current participants - you will see there what percentage of the area you currently occupy and how it looks in the case of other top players. Climb these rungs, trying to reach the highest position. Also remember that the situation is changing dynamically, so everything can move in both directions.

Amogus.io is a game full of emotions, and therefore extremely addictive. Each time you'll want to score higher and higher as you discover intriguing tactics. Maybe your way will be to create narrow lines and then connect them? Maybe you will try to get rid of as many teammates as possible by lurking for them? The decision is yours!

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