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Who is the mysterious Impostor? He is a mischievous imp, i.e. quite a mean character appearing in the series Among Us games. He plans and undermines the actions of the rest of the crew as a true saboteur. He must act cleverly, quickly and precisely so as not to get caught. In addition to cleverness, sometimes the ability to bluff is also useful, as well as a logistic and strategic sense. Do you find yourself in such climates? You'd be a good villain!

As there are many versions of the series to choose from, some of them (and the most classic ones) are selected by the whole group, and the impostor is randomly selected. Nobody knows at the beginning who it is, which creates an aura of distrust among the team and forces caution. There are also simplified versions of the browser game Among Us - for example, those in which you are a positive character (or at least a neutral character) from start to finish, but also those in which you know that you will become an impostor.

Sabotage is not always your only task - it may happen that you will receive a series of interesting orders to complete. By completing challenges (usually quite evil deeds and so-called black work, such as "getting rid of" others), you earn points and move on to the next levels. Sounds simple? This is what it is. And also fun and extremely rewarding! Impostor games are available in browser versions, and some of them are perfect for playing on a smartphone - you control the character by sliding your finger on the screen.

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