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1 vs 1 Soccer


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About the game 1 vs 1 Soccer

Do you love soccer? Are you passionate about playing on a two-goal pitch and follow the news about each of the best teams in the world? We have something for you - 1 vs 1 Soccer is a simple browser game in which two players face each other. Choose a representative of England, the Netherlands, Brazil or Germany for yourself, and a worthy rival for your opponent. You can be Beckham or Rooney and your forte will be power, speed or jumping. Play against someone or against the computer.

1 vs 1 Soccer game is a simple simulator of sports competition. The options include the difficulty level and the duration of the game - individual matches last only from 1 to 5 minutes. Don't let your opponent outsmart you and grab the ball for yourself, get up to speed and push it straight into your opponent's goal. Now it's time for a glimmer of triumph! Remember that the game does not block you from hitting your own goal - be careful not to accidentally confuse the sides or push the ball where it is not necessary ...

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