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About the game Puppet Soccer Challenge

Puppet Soccer Challenge - it's time for sports emotions

Football is your real horse and you can't imagine your life without it? Then there is no doubt that this category can turn you on the most in online games. Jump into a quick round of the Puppet Soccer Challenge and test yourself as the best striker on the pitch. And all this in a funny convention, with a charming puppet character, nice music in the background and with the expressive cheering of the crowds from the stands. It's time to start warming up before real sports emotions! Ready? let's go!

Puppet Soccer Challenge is one of the online games where you have to move your head a bit. Even a little knowledge of the basic laws of physics related to movement in space will be useful, as well as the ability to focus on the target. And, as has been known for many, many years, there is only one in this sport - to hit the ball into the goal. By doing exactly this, you earn points that add up to your scoreboard. Simple? Yes of course. Now find out how to put it into practice.

You stand on an empty pitch - only you, the ball and the goal - only one of them interests you in a given level. But how is it without the goalkeeper, defenders and other opponents?! This is exactly what it looks like! And your biggest obstacle may be the wrong assessment of the situation and the wrong selection of the trajectory of movement to the existing situation. Relax and get ready for the best possible performance, which starts in a moment. Puppet Soccer Challenge has many levels in front of you, and with each new level there are new challenges.

It starts with the simplest situation, just for discernment - assess in which direction the ball is to be kicked, and then decide how much power should be applied to it so that it calmly hits the goal, but does not cause any damage along the way. Each accurate shot is one extra point on your account and advancement to the next stage! Later, however, it will not be so easy - there will be various types of obstacles on the pitch, which will have to be taken into account in the course of movement. Good luck!

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