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The classic form of sports, which is a match, is a thankful thing to create gaming adaptations. Games with this kind of competition are extremely popular, and you can find plenty of them in the browser version. Test your favorite sports activity by playing from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

An internet game in which you have a match to play is, for example, Soccer Cup Touch. It is a game resembling table football or a toy with magnetic players who move successively on the board-pitch. You choose a team and how to move the player, an opponent is selected and the game begins. The rules do not need to be explained to anyone, but just in case - the ball is passed between players of the same team, who try to put it in the opponent's goal in order to score points and at the same time prevent the opponent from doing the same. The ball is round and there are two goals!

While the automatic match may look like this, the match isn't just about football. Online version is just as much fun playing a hockey game (eg Neon Hockey 1: 1) or makeshift volleyball as in Volleyball 2020 or Beach Volley, with cute, colorful turtles bouncing the ball. Such games are a fantastic idea for a boring evening or for a party that is just getting started and you are looking for a way to activate the company. Lots of laughs guaranteed!

aplikacja mobilna