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Do you know a manual game, popular in bars and pubs, looking like a table with rows of plastic players on the pitch and goals? This is, of course, table football, which is a sensational and exciting party proposition. Can you play them online? Of course, and there are many versions. The most popular games in the browser of a computer or mobile devices are 1: 1 games, i.e. the real duels on the football turf. Two players, a ball and two goals. Are you up for this form of competition?

Both in virtual and non-virtual reality foosball games are intended primarily for entertainment, great fun and opportunities for laughter. Two-player games such as Soccer Random perfectly meet these requirements. In this case, you have two players at your disposal, and your task is to bounce the ball towards the opponent's goal with any part of the body in such a way as to give it the right path. It may happen that you completely misjudge the situation and the ball lands in a completely different location. Use arrows to move your players (in different planes). Each subsequent board is a change of location - so you play on the beach, on the snow, on the night pitch, etc.

The table football category also includes all kinds of games such as Super Soccer Star or Football Heads. Caricatured images of famous footballers add additional wit. Which proposal will you choose for yourself? Test them all and choose your favorite!

aplikacja mobilna