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About the game Become a referee

In "Referee Quiz" you can play as an assistant football referee and test yourself in ten difficult situations. Your task has been made easier. You don't have to run like mad down the touchline and pray that sweat doesn't get into your eyes. You sit comfortably in front of the VAR screen and watch what is happening on the screen. It is from this perspective that you watch the scene from the pitch and - as befits a good video quiz - you make a binding decision.

The scenes are different. Sometimes you face a free-kick or a penalty kick, other times it's a brilliant move followed by the decisive shot. But soon, soon. Was he burned there? Or maybe a foul because the player fell down while charging? Hand? No, but offside... "Quiz referee" does not allow you to revisit the situation, because the linesman does not have such a possibility. He has to catch everything live. On the first try. Pay attention to the positions of the players or jostling in the penalty area, evaluate the classic padolino. And then decide if the chief made the right decision.

Football video quiz has one big advantage. Each action was recorded with two cameras. The first was on the line and showed what the side judge sees. It is on the basis of its record that you make your decision. However, in "Quiz Judge" there is also a second camera that shows exactly the same action from a different perspective. The recording is displayed after the answer is given and focuses on the key element of the action. Then everything is clearly visible, as during a television broadcast. Sometimes in slow motion. Massacre!

The funniest thing is that all the situations presented here are not controversial. This video quiz does not offer problematic penalty or debatable fouls and does not force you to know very detailed rules. Thus, before starting the game, you do not have to go through the booklet with the latest regulations. Real judges don't have it so easy. Situations on the pitch can be much less obvious and that's why "Quiz referee" makes you realize that even ten out of ten points scored in a football quiz does not guarantee success during a real match.

"Quiz judge" is available in 5 language versions: Polish, French, Spanish, English and German. There is nothing stopping you from sharing this football quiz with your friends both at home and abroad. Onet and Przegląd Sportowy watched over its quality and guarantee a lot of emotions.

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