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Paradise Island 2


About the game Paradise Island 2

Paradise Island 2: Build a paradise island in a free online game!

Feel the tropical atmosphere in the free online game Paradise Island 2! Transform the lost island into a tourist paradise by building luxury hotels, developing infrastructure and providing entertainment for the whole family.

Manage and develop

In the online game Paradise Island 2, you play the role of the manager of a paradise island. Build hotels of various standards, restaurants, shops, swimming pools and water parks to create the perfect place to relax for tourists.

Earn money even without playing!

The idle game mechanics make your resort grow even when you're not playing! You don't have to constantly monitor the screen. Paradise Island 2 allows you to generate passive income - just come back to the game later and see how much you earned during your break.

A paradise for everyone

Attract families with children, adventurers and even virtual villagers. Tailor your resort's offerings to different groups of tourists to maximize profits.

Pleasure and relaxation

Immerse yourself in the sunny atmosphere of a paradise island. Beautiful graphics, relaxing music and satisfying gameplay will provide you with hours of entertainment in the free game Paradise Island 2.


Why choose Paradise Island 2?

  • free online game - available to everyone, free of charge
  • idle mechanics - earn money even without actively playing
  • a paradise for everyone - create an offer for various groups of tourists
  • beautiful graphics and relaxing music - feel like you're on a real vacation
  • simple and intuitive gameplay - perfect for players of all ages

Start building your paradise today!

Play Paradise Island 2 and start creating your dream resort. Feel like a hotel tycoon and build a paradise island that will remain in the memory of your tourists forever.

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