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Management - become the head of a profitable organization

Do you have a flair for management and you are drawn to giving orders to other people, delegating tasks and greasing? Management games are definitely a category for you. You can play a simulation of a multi-million corporation, play the ruler of the world or an ordinary office. The most important qualities of a good leader are good organization, charisma and focus on the goal. Do you want to check if you are suitable for this? Test it in browser games!

One of the proposals where you have the opportunity to prove yourself in the role of the boss is the Pocket Tower. You can become the owner of a skyscraper, in which you will arrange a real one-stop-shop with various points of interest. A laundry room, a clothes or electronics store, a pastry shop or a restaurant will be useful. You need to earn money for adding each floor by creating new jobs and hiring the right people. Can you handle the challenges of multi-level duties? You will definitely do great!

Another, albeit similar, type of management game is Worlds Builder. You create a new civilization from scratch, starting from creating land, mountains, volcanoes, setting the right temperature and basic physical conditions. You earn rewards for your achievements, and then you can invest money into further development. Will you manage to lead humanity to the highest technological advancement? As a manager of the world, you are faced with many challenges - so get ready for a real adventure.

aplikacja mobilna