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Uno - a card competition for everyone

Do you love card games and are you looking for interesting suggestions? If you're new to Uno, it's time to say hello to him. The online version of the game is just as lively and dynamic as the paper one - and even a bit faster because it does not require shuffling and dealing cards. The rules are clear and transparent, and you can easily explain them to even ten-year-olds. Choose the classic variant to just play yourself, or one of the variations if you fancy more fun.

Classic Uno, as the name suggests, is the staple option of this card game. Your goal is to get rid of all the cards you see in front of you. How to do it? Cards of four different colors can be put on a common pile when you are able to match them by number or color. There are also additional symbols, such as: stopping the turn, changing colors or throwing your opponent a few cards. The first person to get rid of everything wins, but remember - when you're left with only one card, you have to shout Uno! Otherwise, you are forced to draw two penalties.

Uno Heroes is an offer for more advanced, experienced players, or people looking for interesting elements in classic versions. In this case, your task is not only to play a single turn as best as possible, but also to unlock characters that are unavailable. Smartly plan to get rid of cards and get trophies, i.e. heroes. Play alone or in company.

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