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5Dice Duel


About the game 5Dice Duel

Roll 5 dice in this popular classic Yahtzee game. The goal is to score as many points as possible by rolling five dice and getting certain combinations. Merge the dice to get "full house", "big straight", "carré" and other combinations, or take a chance and collect 5 of the same dice to get the dice arrangement, more commonly known as Yahtzee.

What is a 5Dice game?

Milton Bradley introduced this game under the name "Yahtzee" in the early 1940s. It was a huge success, and today one of its variations - called "5 Dice" - can be played on the computer. A player may roll all or selected dice three times in a round. With their help, he has to throw one of the basic poker combinations (e.g. small or big straight, "three of a kind", etc.) or simply get as many of the same results on the dice as possible.

In a 5Dice game, after throwing, he presses the "Make a Move" button and indicates the combination he has chosen. He scores as many points as he has rolled. The problem is that each combination can only be chosen once in a given game! So, the longer the game goes on, the fewer combinations there are to choose from - and thus the game becomes more difficult.

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