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About the game Darts Pro Multiplayer

Darts is a game called in Poland darts, darts, darts or darts. The etymology of these words is probably more complicated than the gameplay itself. This one basically consists of only one thing - throwing darts/darts at the target hanging on the wall.

This is certainly one of the most popular "beer games", i.e. those that are often played in pubs, before or after drinking a few beers. However, it is worth remembering that today darts are a sport discipline, for which professional organizations are responsible (the oldest of them is the British Darts Organization - BDO). From time to time competitions and even world championships in darts are organized!

It doesn't matter what dart formula we are talking about - whether the one associated with pubs or the professional one - it must be admitted that it is great entertainment, especially if at least two people take part in it. Trying to find someone willing to go to the pub for darts won't always have the desired effect, but that's what computers are for, right?

As long as you have a PC with Internet access, you can fire up Darts Pro in no time and play darts without leaving your desk. You'll quickly find out that it's addictive, even if your opponent is artificial intelligence.

In Darts Pro, just mastering the throwing skill enough to earn high scores is quite a challenge! Will you be able to defeat your opponent - living or artificial - in the three throws that lie ahead of you? Give it a try, it's free!

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