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The dice have been cast - time to play!

The dice game probably needs no introduction. In the classic version, you have several dice at your disposal, which you throw alternately with your opponent (or several opponents) and add up the number of all dice, writing the results in special tables. The virtual dice look very similar - they may not touch the real dice, but the same principle you generate the results on the cubes, then add them up and add to the list.

Yatzy has an interesting interface, à la table, and a few elements that make the game more enjoyable. You start by choosing a character avatar that symbolizes you at the virtual counter - there are several male characters and several female characters. If you are unsure of the rules, go ahead and follow the tutorial before starting the game. You have the chance to make three throws in one turn, decide how many dice are left and how many go back to the cup, and what combination you want to enter in the table.

The fantastic Math and Dice Kids Educational Game for children has slightly different rules. Here, too, you start with the character selection and then move on to the actual gameplay. After rolling the dice, however, you must add up the number of dice and mark the appropriate result. This is a great way to revise math for the little ones! If you make a mistake, the system allows you to correct the mistake and ultimately you have to come up with the right answer, so you know where the mistake was made. So, successful throws!

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