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About the game Yatzy

The game of chance Yatzy, known in our country as "The Dice Game", is about getting as many points as possible by throwing dice. Great fun with AI guaranteed and at the same time the possibility of a sentimental return to the game, which many of us remember from the old days.

Remember, however, that in Yatza, we cannot rely only on luck. Here, more than we think depends on us.

Yatzy game rules

Everyone who remembers from the old days of dice games has certainly already encountered the rules of such a game that Yatzy offers. We have two dice to throw and the goal is to get the expected number of pips. Seemingly, it is therefore a typical game of chance where we really act as a kind of blind luck, but the reality is a bit more complex.

While playing Yatzy, not only our luck will be put to the test, but also some strategic skills. Let us remember that not everything here is only a matter of fate but also decisions that we make.

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aplikacja mobilna