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Rabbit Ben


About the game Rabbit Ben

Rabbit Ben - jump, bunny Ben!

Rabbit Ben game is one of the more dynamic and interesting proposals from the animal series, mainly intended for children. You play the role of a cute pink bunny whose task is to jump on green, grassy platforms and collect gold coins. Each level has a specific number of coins you need to collect to get to the next level. The difficulty level increases over time, so be sure to arm yourself with steadfastness and will to fight.

The character of Rabbit Ben is controlled by the arrows on the keyboard, so it is automatically quite understandable and easy. However, this cannot be said about the course of the game itself, which can cause a few gray hairs - in addition to gold coins, there are also malicious creatures on the board, i.e. cunning navy blue hedgehogs, whose task is to spoil your fun. Avoiding hedgehogs is necessary, because any contact with them means that you lose more lives, and your collected coins disappear into nothingness. What unkindness!

Already the first level of the game Rabbit Ben can be difficult, both in terms of dexterity and patience. Try to combine in such a way as to avoid unpleasant pals and just do your job. After collecting enough coins, you move to the next level, but don't count on it being easier now! The game warns against the appearance of new enemies via red exclamation points. Be careful and accurate, good luck bunny!

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