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Magic Pom


About the game Magic Pom

Magic Pom - colorful sweeteners

Magic Pom is a sweet and adorable browser game in which your task is to combine cute animal faces into at least three-part sets. In a large container, which is located in the middle, there are round and nice faces belonging to various species of animals. You will find kittens and teddy bears, deer and raccoons there. They are presented in a cartoon version in a slightly anime-inspired style, which will surely appeal to children especially.

The Magic Pom game is definitely not difficult - the mixed animals should be checked on a regular basis and connected with a line à la string. A minimum of three identical faces is enough to create a set of them. When you get used to this task, try to create four- or five-piece (maybe even bigger!) Combos. The final score depends on how efficiently you do it and how big your sets will be, so if you care about the result - try it efficiently.

Magic Pom will appeal to children as well as adults. The simple-to-understand rules ensure that the game has a low entry threshold. You don't have to prepare for it, you can fire it up, for example, during a lunch break. Due to the elongated interface, the game is suitable not only for laptops and tablets, but also for smartphones, making it very universal. There are many levels ahead of you, with increasing difficulty levels and with new and new elements appearing all the time. You will definitely handle it, have fun!

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