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Dr Panda Restaurant


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About the game Dr Panda Restaurant

Dr. Panda Restaurant - become a restaurant owner

Dr Panda Restaurant is a simulator of running the truest, prestigious restaurant - but in the animal world. You are the main (and title) character, Dr. Panda, who invites all his guests to a wonderful restaurant. He has to make sure that everything is refined and buttoned up! At the beginning, the first client comes to see him. Will you manage to take Mrs. Sheep in such a way that she is delighted with your service?

The game Dr. Panda Restaurant reminds you at every turn that running a restaurant is not only about elegant and official reception of nice customers. It's actually a whole lot of very hard work! Starting with the least representative part, you must sort all the waste, much of which is produced in the process of preparing meals for restaurant guests, from washing up, to preparing delicious dishes and then serving and praising them. It can even be a bit tedious!

The mechanics of Dr. Panda Restaurant game is very simple - you control events with the cursor, you act on the point and click principle, i.e. you find objects that need to be clicked or moved and you do it. When another thing to do appears, you are taken to the next screen. Discover the secrets of your restaurant by exploring each board and all challenges individually. Make sure you get the highest level of quality for your restaurant. Have fun!

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