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Dr. Panda - a positive character from online games

"Ladies and gentlemen, here is a teddy bear! Teddy bear is very polite today ”- this is Dr. Panda - he is not only polite, but also extremely nice, resourceful and enterprising. It's actually hard not to like him! In the games he appears in, you help him run various institutions - from a nursery to an airport. See how many tasks lie on his mind and appreciate the Doctor's efforts. Check yourself as an entrepreneur in many different industries!

Dr. Panda's Restaurant is a game in which, as the name suggests, you become the owner of a famous restaurant. Dressed in a gorgeous, sumptuous chef's hat, you are tasked with serving several different stations. Make sure that the food served to the animals is unique and tasty, and that all guests visiting your premises left it with a smile on their face. The game has a point and click mechanism, so even children can handle it without any problems.

Panda Reality Airport, Dr Panda Airport, is another game in which everything rests on the mind of hardworking Dr Panda. In order for pets visiting the airport, such as a cow, monkey or hippo, to fly away in a pandolot, a number of necessary procedures must be performed, such as baggage check-in and control. Make sure that all the necessary activities are completed and your customers are satisfied. Organize your work well, acting efficiently and cleverly. The fun will be made more pleasant by the soft music from the airport speakers.

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