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Solitaire Grande


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About the game Solitaire Grande

Solitaire Grande is an excellent quality classic solitaire. The rules (for those who are uninitiated in not entirely secret secrets) are very simple - it is enough, starting with Aces, to arrange the card one by one by color and seniority - from doubles to kings. Simple puzzle game known for ages, but to this day remains extremely addictive. Noteworthy is a good number of additional options in the game that adapt the gameplay to the player's needs. I recommend!


About the game Solitaire Grande

The card game Solitaire Grande is nothing more than the popular Solitaire, in its most famous, classic version. Probably every Windows owner had the opportunity to play it, and in times when computer games were not so easily available, it was the system Solitaire together with the immortal Saper. Try a remastered version of Solitaire in the browser game Solitaire Grande, for free on Game Planet.


Card game - Solitaire Grande

For some, Solitaire is associated with sentiment, for others he was overeating, and yet others have not had the opportunity to get to know it. Each of these people will find something for themselves in the browser game Solitaire Grande - a return to the old days, a new and more interesting installment or the opportunity to try your luck in a card puzzle for the first time. The rules of the game in this version are not complicated and detailed instructions can be viewed in the main menu. The object of the game is to arrange all cards from the deck by color, in order from ace to king, on the specially designated places on the top right of the screen. The columns are made of mixed cards, located lower, on seven piles. They need to be properly sorted from the largest to the smallest, alternating colors, and then transferred, in reverse order, to the upper places. Cards can be moved between piles one at a time or several if they are arranged in the correct order. In a situation where it is no longer possible to make any move, you can take a card from the deck in the upper left corner. Successive cards can be revealed as long as one of them fits. However, it should be remembered that reviewing the deck will subtract points more than twice. Solitaire Grande has many additional options and settings that make the fun more enjoyable. For example, you can use the coins you earn in the game to buy background themes, the color of shirts or the appearance of figures. Another advantage is the statistics table, which includes all information about the games played so far. Try it for yourself and play Solitaire Grande for free on Onlygames and you will see how nice it is to spend time playing good old solitaire.


Features of Solitaire Grande

  • A solitaire card game in the classic version;
  • Ability to see a comprehensive instruction in the main menu;
  • A variety of background themes and card designs to earn;
  • Relaxing, fun entertainment;
  • Addictive game where you can get lost for hours.
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