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WorldCraft 2


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About the game WorldCraft 2

World Craft 2 is a real challenge for explorers, constructors. Your task is to design a thoughtful and perfectly constructed world. Choose from several pre-built universes, then go wild with your pickaxe and shovel as you traverse the length, breadth and ... depths! Discover what each mountain hides, swim in the lakes, admire the blocky elements of nature. This is the game you've always been waiting for! Don't hesitate any longer and experience for yourself what it means to dig into… well, here's your role to find out.


World Craft 2 is inspired by a very popular computer game where everything is made of cuboids: trees, moon, animals, clouds and even the main character. This amazing idea turned into a very interesting task for people who love construction, building, DIY, and also love to have an impact on the creation and creation of reality. This game is perfect for you, sit back and discover its secrets!

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